DK 703

Danekræ nr. 703

DK 703

Evaluation of Danekræ nr: 703 Heptranchias sp. Collector:Peter Mortensen

Ørnevej 39

5210 Odense NV

Locality:Gundstrup Grusgrav, NE Fyn Stratigraphy:   Kerteminde Mergel (Selandien)

Description:An elongated labio-lingually compressed tooth still embedded in matrix. The tooth has an acrocone followed by six in size decreasing accessory cusps. The tooth is split in the middle between the second and the third accessory cusp and is missing the apices of the acrocone and the third acces- sory cusp, but is otherwise complete. The acrocone carries four to five mesial serrae of increasing size. Size:12mm long and 5mm tall.

Conclusion: This shark tooth belongs to the genus Heptranchias (sevengill shark) and is the first known specimen from the Kerteminde Mergel. It is not possible to identify the tooth to species level, due to the lack of diagnostic characters. The tooth remains however a very important specimen, due to its age and it contributes to our knowledge of the distribution of the early Heptranchias.

Yours sincerely, Jan S. Adolfssen